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And this is why it makes no difference to me

Steve Alford, the Lobos coach, last week signed a 10-year extension with UNM. This week, he signed a contract to coach at UCLA. See, this is why I have such disdain for college sports: It’s all a game of numbers. There are a lot of numbers floating around as dollars these days. Too many. Way too many. Second only to pro sports.
The big difference, though, is that pro athletes get paid for playing..
College athletes, supposedly being “amateur,” don’t see a dime. This makes them sort of akin to gladiators, performing for the masses in giant coliseums. The big difference is, of course, that today’s college athletes aren’t slaves. They do have the option to go pro, and why not?
I used to think that was a bad thing, but now the “amateur” designation for college sports is just a thin veneer. Everyone else is getting rich off the sweat of some talented athletes. Which is still an abomination, of course. Alford signed for something like $2 million; he was getting $1 million-something at UNM. The athletes he coached might get a shot at the big money on pro sports.
UNM paying more than a million for a coach. It just doesn’t compute.
I doubt many professors at UNM are getting more than a million. After all, they’re just teaching academics. You know, literature, math, science, engineering, philosophy, drama, psychology, medicine, business — things of the rest of the world.
But, you say, successful athletic programs bring in money for the whole university. Do they? I kind of think they go to athletic department salaries, sports facilities, that kind of thing. Here’s what should happen: The federal government should pro-rate whatever federal money these schools get based on the amount of money they receive through sports. Say a college pulls in $30 million in a year for all sports. Well, any grant, contract, scholarship or research money will be cut back at X percent, the holes to be filled with the sports-revenue money. Taxpayers, then, get a little slack and some of that sports windfall does go to help the ostensible reason universities exist.
Oh, and drop all pretense about “amateur” athletics.
(OK, so I did feel a little frisson when U of Kansas blew a 14-point lead and lost. It means UNM doesn’t have a lock on blowing expectations.)